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North West Contractors Training Group

We make sure you have the life skills you need for on-the-job training. Main Contact: Mike AskeyTG President: Sharon LlewellynWebsite: Contact: Gary FinckTel: 07468 690688TG President: Mark HicksonWebsite: This is by no means an easy task. Construction line fitters and power line clearing tree cutters work long and arduous hours in high-risk situations in all sorts of environmental conditions – from midnight emergency interventions to frightening work heights. Not everyone has what it takes to be part of this industry. Coupled with thousands of hours of vocational training and years of schooling, it takes real courage and determination to succeed. Overall, it is one of the most rewarding, respected and challenging professional fields a person can enter. Primary Contact: Bernadette ParkinsonTG Chair: Tony CarsonWebsite: Contact: argylltraininggroup@gmail.comWG Chair: Gillies Brown Approximately 1000 days of training are completed each year by members of the Contractors Training Group NE. Learn more. Key Contact: Diana ThomasG Chair: Steve EwersWebswebsite: Key Contact: Shona AndersonSSG Chair: Graeme DaviesWebsite: the CITB funds 58 local training groups that support a variety of employers in different industries in a local region.

All local training groups help employers access training that meets their needs. NCCT is the training program of a construction industry that prepares men and women to enter various training professions Despite the uncertainty of our time, the hard-working men and women of the IBEW and NECA proudly serve our communities by building and maintaining electrical systems day and night. NW Line JATC is honored to make an important contribution in providing men and women with the necessary training to become professional journeypersons. Use the following links to find a training group near you: Contact: Samantha HindTG Chair: Daniel RocheWebsite: Senior Contact: David HolbrookeTG Chair: Duncan ArmstrongWebsite: Convert Training Ltd (Peterborough & Cambridgeshire). Don`t just take our word for it – listen to what some of our alumni have to say. Contact: Gemma MineurTG Chair: Anthony ThomasWebsite: .

Cut a path in the tree maintenance and removal quarry in the electrical industry. . Four construction training groups (Merthyr, RCT, Caerphilly and Bridgend). Capital Construction Training Group (Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan) Main Contact: Michelle ScottTG Chair: Louis AtrillWebsite: . Contact: Lorraine KirbitsonTG President: Herefordshire & Worcestershire Construction Training Group. If you have any personal needs, we always do our best to help you.

We offer GED preparation and testing, work shoes and tools. NCCT works closely with other organizations and partners to ensure you have all the resources you need to succeed. . Contact: Isabel McNicolTG Chair: Chris CameronWebsite: . Main Contact: Ed BusseyTG Chair: Ian CullingfordWebsite: North West Contractors Training Group (North West England) Senior Contact: Lorraine KirbitsonWG Chair: Beverley Pearce Senior Contact: Adele DoylePresident: Catherine CanningWebsite: Contractors Training Group North East (Berwick, County Durham and Teeside) Senior Contact: Karen WhitehouseChair of CPB: Laurence SpellerWebsite: Contact: Andrew PartingtonTG Chair: Matthew Burrows. . The Promoting Construction West Yorkshire (PCWY) training group opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in a jumpsuit and looks like work.

— Thomas A. Edison. Senior Contact: Audrey PatersonTG Chair: Callum SmithWebsite: In class, you will learn topics that are all related to construction. The math and reading you do will have practical applications that can be applied to your future jobs in this field. . Group members recognize that employees are better motivated, improve morale, maintain a skilled workforce and increase productivity. Learn more. VOLTA provides crucial building blocks for starting a career in the electrical industry.

Contact: Annmarie Florence TG Chair: Mandy Evans. At NCCT, you`ll learn valuable skills for the career ahead… South East Lancashire Construction Association (SELCA). Action for Construction (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire) In the past, NCCT students have built houses, parks and other community projects. .