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Kaiser Permanente Medical Services Contracting

Suppliers who have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members are only required to consult their contract and related supplier manuals to determine the final decision on an issue discussed on this website. National Provider Contracting and Network Development is committed to supporting our supplier network. This includes contractual services and information about business transactions with Kaiser Permanente. The material contained on this website is for general information purposes only. It is available to support providers who can connect with members, including contract providers and those who do not have a contract with Kaiser Permanente to provide services to members. Kaiser Permanent Departments and ServicesIf you would like to contact a specific Kaiser Permanente department or service, please refer to this contact list for the Georgia region.* Kaiser Permanente Call CenterThe Kaiser Permanente Call Center for the Georgia Region* provides telephone access for members who wish planning services or telephone advice. In accordance with Medi-Cal requirements, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP) Proposition (Prop) may make 56 payments based on eligible services to KFHP Medi-Cal members. Please refer to the following notices, which include information on the various Prop 56 programs and eligibility criteria for payments to suppliers who are not part of CP. The Ministry of Health Care Services (DHCS) requires KP, as a Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan, to provide cultural competence, sensitivity or diversity training to its contract providers at key points of contact with KP members such as receptionists and direct caregivers. This training helps reinforce KP`s commitment to effectively deliver health services in a culturally competent manner that meets the social, cultural and linguistic needs of our members. In order to promote access to and service delivery in a culturally competent manner for all members, we ask that you have reviewed training on diversity, cultural competence and cultural sensitivity. We are committed to promoting the health of Kaiser Permanente members.

We appreciate the services you provide to support this mission. Access supplier relationship lists, member services call centers, and other helpful contacts in each region. Learn more about our policies regarding supplier and supplier contracts, gifts and commercial courtesies, visits, and changes to the company`s address, name or TIN. If you are a member of Northern California Kaiser Permanente and wish to access your My Health Manager account to send a message to your doctor, fill out prescriptions or view your medical records, please click below: Nothing on this website shall be construed as binding on Kaiser Permanente in any way or modifying the terms of any supplier agreement with Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente may modify or modify any material referenced on this website without any obligation to update this website or to inform the public… Complaints (refunds)Questions about refund requests. * This link will open a new window. If you can`t view this new page, make sure you`ve disabled all pop-up blockers on your computer. Member ServicesSee Member Services at 1-800-810-4766 for questions about: KPHealthConnect Online AffiliateIf you are a contract provider with Kaiser Permanente and would like to learn more about KPHealthConnect Online Affiliate, please email Permanente Affiliated Provider Services in

All questions regarding this request can be directed to the email address provided above. Please be sure to provide your question(s) and telephone contact information so that we can respond promptly to your question(s). . Suppliers: Register* to use our secure supplier tools (other than self-funded plans, PPO, POS and OOA): For the purposes of this request, “Supplier” is synonymous with “Contractor” as that term is defined in your Agreement. Please note that failure to provide the required information may result in you in breach of your agreement. Log in* or sign up to use our secure provider tools (excluding self-funded plans, PPO, POS and OOA). You have access to features tailored to your role. Here are a few examples: These online resources provide quick and easy access to the information you need to work effectively with Kaiser Permanente and provide the best possible service to our members. While this information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, it does not replace the terms of any contract your company may have with Kaiser Permanente. The Use Management Operations Center is the centralized department of approval and transfer of funds from the Central Atlantic State for Kaiser Permanente. .